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Pet Grooming School

The American Grooming Academy is a pet grooming school servicing those students from the San Diego, Riverside and Orange County area as well as through out California and abroad. The main goal of the American Grooming Academy is to offer training and career development for those individuals who desire a career in the professional pet industry. The Academy will tailor training to meet your personal goals, whether it is to seek employment as a Pet Stylist, Salon Manager, Mobile Groomer, or start a successful pet grooming business. There are many pet care programs at the American Grooming Academy that teach all aspects of pet grooming businesses.

The pet grooming school in Temecula offers several different programs; “Professional Bather”, “Professional Pet Stylist” and “Professional Advance Pet Stylist”. These pet care programs are focused on developing students with confidence based on knowledge and technical skill to prepare you on your professional path in the pet industry. Our instructors are International Certified Master Groomers with a passion for teaching. Their real world experience gained through managing successful, independent Pet Grooming business, Major Retail Pet Grooming business and the Mobile Grooming business both locally in Temecula and throughout the United States allows them to share their personal experiences in the business and Industry. An individual can choose which program best matches their desired career path. Whether you desire to work as a Pet Stylist, Salon Manager, Mobile Groomer or start your own pet grooming business locally in the San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County or a location of your choice. American Grooming Academy will teach the skills that are required for the career paths of your choice. The Academy also offers career development seminars and workshops for the professionals in the Pet Industry. Click “Academy”, on our website, to learn more about our pet grooming school in Riverside County in the city of Temecula. Enroll now to our pet grooming school to gain the confidence and the skills needed to get started in a pet grooming career.

Pet Grooming Services

Our grooming salon in Temecula is a spacious, full service salon, designed to create a positive experience for our customers and pets in our care. At American Grooming Services, our customers have a choice of using our professional grooming service or discounted grooming service with one of our Academy grooming students. Walk-In’s are Welcome! We also offer mobile pet grooming for a more convenient, at home pet grooming experience. Our fully equipped mobile grooming unit comes to your home or office at your convenience. With undivided attention given to your pet, they enjoy a calm, relaxed, non-stressful environment.

Contact us at American Grooming Services (888) 550-WASH (9274) and ask to speak to one of our Admission Advisers to get started today!

State Licensure and Approval

American Grooming Academy is a private vocational school approved by the Bureau for Private Post-secondary Education under the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 and Title 5. California Code of Regulations Division 7.5. Private Postsecondary Education. The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education approval means that this institution and its operation comply with the standards established under the law for occupational instruction by private post-secondary educational institutions. Institutional approval is subject to continual review and the institution must reapply for approval every three years.